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Redefine customer experience with organic feedback and behavioral data in real-time. Enjoy intuitive designs, open source surveys, advanced analytics, seamless collaboration on the go.


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Analytics tools

Transform survey data into actionable insights, visualize trends, track responses, and generate efficient reports with analytics tools.


Shareable links

Generate links for sharing via email, social media, or embedding in apps to easily interact and collect responses.


Streamline your workflow

Our platform seamlessly connects with a range of third-party apps, enhancing your productivity.


NPS ( Net promoter score)

Assess customer loyalty and willingness to recommend your brand.

Contact response

Collect user contact details for follow-ups, inquiries, or subscription sign-ups.

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Very easy to use

Leverage on our Survey widgets

Each question is unique, and every response matters. We offer a wide range of response options for all your survey needs, be it customer feedback, market research, or opinions. We've got you covered.

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Gather opinions through a customizable rating scale, ideal for product or service feedback.

Matrix response

Efficiently capture complex data using a customizable grid of items, perfect for evaluating multiple items with the same response options.

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Single choice

Collect accurate answers using single-choice questions. Ideal for polls, quizzes, and easy decision-making.

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Automated surveys throughout the user journey

To understand user behavior, fulfill customer-user core market needs to continually increase the overall business output


Single answer selection

We offer data-driven solutions for customer insights and market needs.


Single answer selection

We offer data-driven solutions for customer insights and market needs.


Who can use integraflow

We've got you covered.


Business owners

Growth marketing

Product management

Product marketing

Developers / Engineers
Sales team
Data is key

Transform Data into Actionable Insights

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Integraflow is a powerful survey and data collection platform designed to help individuals and organisations gather valuable insights. Whether you're conducting market research, collecting customer feedback, or running internal surveys, Integraflow simplifies the process and empowers you to make data-driven decisions.

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